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About AP Designs

In 1981 I started racing motocross as a young kid. Within 2 years I was painting my own helmets (using rattle cans of course!). In 1990 I broke my elbow, and by my fourth surgery to repair it, I realized my racing career was over. It was time to take my passion for the sport and turn it towards an even bigger passion, painting.

I began painting helmets for all my buddies in my mother’s garage in Encinitas California. Before I knew it, it seemed everyone wanted me to paint their helmets. I decided to open my first shop in November of 1991, and for the past 22 years have had the honor and privilege of working with the world’s top riders and companies in the motocross industry.

Today, AP designs works with top talents all over the world, including Nascar, Indy Car, Mountain Biking, BMX, Skate, Snow and all extreme sports. Never did I imagine that what started as a hobby and a passion in my mom’s garage would turn into customizing over 1000 helmets each year!

I would like to personally thank all of the amazing people and athletes that I have worked with over the years. You have all helped AP Designs grow into the company that it is today. All of us at AP Designs are committed to producing the most cutting edge designs and top quality work. We will never stop asking our favorite question…


Alex "AP" Paul